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Modifying Your Home For Kupuna: Part 3

Here in Hawaii it goes without saying that we treasure and care for our Kupuna. We invite you to Part Three of our series where we will share a few ideas to consider when thinking of ways to create a comfortable and safe home.

  • Widen Door Frames to a Minimum of 36 inches: Narrow doorways are a difficult obstacle for wheelchair users, walkers and anyone who may be assisting your Kupuna. ADA compliance regulations indicate a minimum door width of 32 inches for wheelchairs with an ideal width of 48 inches. This specific home upgrade is an important one, and it’s a job that requires some expertise. The Kama’aina Handyman team can definitely help you with this upgrade, and if you’re considering it, give us a call for a free in-home consultation. While you’re widening the doorway, you may also consider taking the opportunity to lower light switches that may have to be rerouted anyway. Lowering light switches to below the standard 48 inches helps anyone who needs to reach the switch from a wheelchair.

  • Install Pull-Down/Pull-Out Shelves in the Kitchen and Bathroom: The addition of pull-down and pull-out shelves can help your aging parents in a variety of ways. Shelves that can be pulled down from high cabinets can ease accessibility issues for people in wheelchairs, while pull-out shelves for lower cabinets reduce the need to bend over very far. Another great storage modification is installing a “Lazy Susan” in a corner cabinet, which makes it easier to reach items without straining.

I hope you’ve enjoyed part thre of our Kapuna series. Please stay tuned for updates, and let us know if you need need anything.

Mahalo nui loa,

Your Kama'aina Handyman Team

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